We appreciate your questions and we love talking to our customers but just for your benefit we have included below a few of the most commonly asked questions…



Q-1. Do you offer a domestic landscaping service?

A-1. No, we can provide commercial landscaping for schools and other business but we wont come and cut your grass at home.

Q-2. Do we accept contacts?

A-2. Yes, we already have various contracts around the country where we visit on a fixed basis. Of course this saves people money.

Q-3. Can you add home extensions?

A-3. Yes, if you can provide all the correct planning permission we do have a dedicated team for things like summer houses, conservatories and garages. 

Q-4. Can you operate at an industrial level?

A-4. Yes, our teams are all trained for commercial/retail building such as installing air conditioning units, waste disposal systems and even POS systems.

Q-5. Do you supply the materials to build said project?

A-5. Once everything has been discussed, the cost of materials will be included in the final price.


If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or request a call from one of our customer service members. 

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